November 12, 2009

Do you want the good news or bad news first?

No preference? Okay, I'll go with the bad news first:

I'm on to cycle #6 - cramps, bleeding & all of AF's other ::insert sarcasm here:: wonderful side effects are in full effect. I can honestly say that I NEVER thought it would take this long to get pregnant. I thought maybe 4-5 months at the most...I was truly naive. And due to my STUPID LP, this whole process has been prolonged. Now I know those of you reading this, who have been trying for way longer than we have, are thinking that I need to calm down - just take look at my LP (esp. for cycles 2-4) is bad - I mean really horrible. I mean maybe I do need to calm down, but I am a worry wart - hence my name. :o) But seriously, everyone has a different TTC journey, for some it is a long, difficult one...for others, it's fairly simple - and IMO I am out of the simple category, but not quite in the difficult category, so I am not completely sure where I fit in.

My temps also plummeted this morning. And with that, I am on to cycle #6. Hopefully THIS will be our cycle?! The 9 day LP this past cycle has me really excited that maybe my body really will fix itself & that I don't need medical intervention just yet. You see, I, Worry Bud, am a firm believer that God sends us signs all the time. I have been praying for his guidance in our choice to pursue fertility treatment at this point & I feel like maybe my 9 day LP (up from 3!!!) is a sign that I need to take a step back, maybe see how the next couple of months go & then pursue other treatment avenues with my RE. I mean from 3 to 9 days is a huge difference & I truly believe it happened by God's grace.

So now for the good news - which I already mentioned: 9 day LP. Woot! That is such a miracle to me that I can't even be THAT upset about not getting pg this cycle. I mean, don't get me wrong, I really wish that I did get a BFP, but I didn't & I think that means I just need to go thru the fertility testing & find out the results. As I mentioned above, although I do believe my lengthened LP is a sign from God, I also think that I NEED to have this testing done for my peace of mind.

Mr. WB & I have had a long discussion about this and we have decided that we will go through with all the testing, which includes:
  • Routine STD testing for both of us
  • CD 2-4 testing of hormone leveles (Estrogen, FSH, LH, etc.) plus a vaginal u/s to check out my uterine lining & ovaries
  • An HSG between CDs 5-10
  • An SA for DH
After we finish all of that testing, then we will go in for a f/u appointment with our RE & discuss next steps. Due to my lengthend LP this past cycle, Mr. WB & I have decided that if all our tests come back normal, then we will hold off pursuing treatment until January 2010. We want to do this for two reasons: 1) if we can get pg on our own, we would most certainly want to try that first & since my LP seems to be correcting itself, then we feel like we may not need medical assistance, and 2) my annual deductible would start again in January & we want to hold off on paying it for 2009 when we would have to turn right back around & start paying it again in 2010 (which will be about a month away once we get this cycle of testing done & over with). I think we have made the best decision for us & our future family right now.

If the testing reveals that there is a problem with either of us, then we will talk it out with our RE & see what he suggests to move forward. Like I told Mr. WB - I'd rather go thru all the testing now & find out nothing is wrong, than not go thru it later & find out something was wrong all along. Of course, I am hoping in the mean time to get pg on our own, but we shall see how everything goes. If it was simply my LP preventing us from getting pg before & it's lengthening on it's own, then perhaps we can get pg on our own too?!?! So many important decisions...I can only hope we are making the best one for us & our future children.


Flora Bud said...

Oh Worry Bud, I hope the RE gives you some positive news and that all your results come back with no problems. I agree with you 110% about waiting for 2010 for your insurance.. its bad enough that its expensive, so why pay it twice.

Chef Bud said...

I know exactly how you feel about being somewhere in the middle...I'm past the point of simple and easy but not yet to what I want to call infertile. It's a weird place. But I'm glad that your LP was longer...hopefully this good news continues!


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