November 12, 2009

F/U appointment with results

After this post the bright red bleeding continued. I was filling up a pad with in an hour and I passed at least a total of 12 palm sized liver looking masses.

It looked just like this (This one is cut in half):


Tuesday night Mr. Bud and I went to his parents house for dinner and right before sitting down for dinner I felt another mass coming out. Thank God that I was wearing sweatpants that it did not fall on the floor. At that moment I knew something was not right, I called the on call doctor. They told me to go into the office first thing in the morning.

Wednesday Morning I went back to the doctors and when she was checking me internally there came out another mass. As per the doctor she said that is normal and every m/c is different, if I start to have sharp cramps or fevers then we should be concerned. We went to u/s and still nothing on the screen... No sac, no embryo, nothing. I already knew I had to have m/c with the amount of blood I was passing.

That evening the bleeding stopped completely.

Mondays Beta's 3000
Wednesday Beta's 1300

This confirmed that we were m/c. Now I just have to wait until my betas reach 0 to start testing for recurrent pregnancy loss.

I just want answers on why this is happening to us, for now we are going to TTA until we have some answers.


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