November 10, 2009

My worst fear has come true

Bleeding began.

Yesterday while I was at work I went to the restroom and there it was, in the toilet and each time I swiped... maybe its just some spotting. A few minutes later I went to the restroom again and it was bright red, this was no spotting. It just reminded me too much of our last m/c.

So right away I called the doctors office and they told me to come in at 1:30. Mr. Bud left work and we went straight to the doctors. They did a Trans-vaginal U/S and did not see anything, no sac, no embryo, nothing. I already knew this was not a good sign, plus allllll the blood that dripped everywhere while the tech was doing the u/s. I felt so terrible, luckily the Tech was so nice and she comfort me and told me don't worry im used to this.

Back off the the nurse's office to draw blood and wait for my Betas.

Then doctor took us to her office and explained to us many different possibilities, but to try to keep positive. My betas were great, they doubled as they were suppose to and my progesterone was right where it was suppose to be. However at this time of the pregnancy we should be able to see something in the u/s.

The afternoon just got worst. I felt as it a gush of water was running down there, I have never seen a pad this filled in my entire period life. This occurred two times within 2 hours and each time I would go to the restroom a ball/mass of blood would come out. On the third time I could not believe something so big was coming out and was worried. I could not believe that it was a mass of blood (Warning TMI) so I pick it up from the toilet and it was the size of my palm. It was a heavy piece of mass.

Towards the night it stopped but This morning it happened again. I called the doctors to see if this is normal. With my last m/c I did not see anything and I was further along. It was just like a heavy period.

Lets see what the doctor tells me when they return my call.

Flora Bud


Sunshine Bud said...

I am so very sorry and troubled that you have to yet again experience this. You are so strong to be able to tell us what you're going thru. Stay strong dear friend.

Once again, I'm so sorry for you and Mr. Flora Bud.

Jen J. said...

I am so so sorry Flora Bud. I hope you find the answers you need & GL in the continuance of your journey. BIG HUGS to you 7 your husband.

Courtney said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers!!

Glow Bud said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers Flora Bud!

Blessed Bud said...

My Thoughts and Prayers go out to you Flora Bud...

Flora Bud said...

Thank you so much for all of your T&P's.


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