November 2, 2009


just started week 3 of BCPs... the depression symptoms are waning, but the boobs are starting to KILL me. Stupid freaking pills.

The only good thing about MFI is knowing I'll never have to take them again.

We're waiting to hear from our new insurance company. It's great that we have coverage for IVF now... but our deductible is still going to be anywhere from $6000-$9500 for the year and we can't get started until we have that answer. We should have had his cards last week... his HR people are working on it.

Thats it from me. All I want is our december miracle. I want our baby.


Jen J. said...

Good luck DB - I am soooo praying that you get your December miracle!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck girl!

Love Bud said...

BCP's suck but the good thing is you're almost done and one step closer ER & ET :) Best of luck to you!


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