November 2, 2009

One Sick Snow Bud

So, I believe I'm gearing up to O.

YAY, right?

I wish.

Mr. Snow Bud is getting sick. Not just a little sick, like super-duper, feels awful, falling asleep early after cold medicine sick.

So now here is the ultimate question. Does Mr. Snow bud suck it up and BD during O time anyway? Or does Mrs. Snow Bud (ME) accept that this just isn't our month, our timing is not right, and forcing BD'ing while sick would just be mean?

I really don't know at this point, I only think I'm gearing up to O due to the fact that I am breaking out, am getting irritated easily and am feeling bloaty. To me, these are all signs of O.

Not only that, but my dog is sick. Not just a little sick, but the type of sick in which our vet has told us that there is 30% death rate for this illness kind of sick. Doggie flu/pneumonia. My poor boys.

Cross your fingers for the Snow Bud family, please. Between sick Mr. Snow Bud, sick Doggie Snow Bud, and irritable Mrs. Snow Bud, it has NOT been a fun past few days.

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Courtney said...

Selfishly I would try to BD. You could make it all about him and you control the situation. I would hate for y'all to miss an opportunity!
Got to love irritability!

Jen J. said... SB, seems like you do have a whole lot going on! Lots of T&P that your poor doggie & your Hubby get well soon. As far as BD'ing - I wouldn't force's no fun that way & if he's THAT sick he may not even to ahem "seal the deal" so to speak, so I would just move on if you miss the window this cycle. GL sweety!


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