November 3, 2009

Moving onto cycle 12!

Well, AF showed up bright and early yesterday morning. Yet another month gone. I'm really beginning to hate this. Why? Why can't I get pregnant?

Our re-scheduled RE appointment will take place tomorrow (11/4) and I'm so ready to hear what the doctor has to say and to get a plan in place.

Well that's it - short and too the point.

Until Next Time,
Sunshine Bud


Courtney said...

Sunshine, I am sorry for number 12. At least you have the R.E. appt tomorrow to get a plan instead of having to wait a few weeks for one! We are not far behind you being on cycle #10. Our time will come!

Jen J. said...

GL sunshine - I truly hope you get a plan in place & your BFP as soon as possible!


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