November 20, 2009

I love fruit!

Especially when it is being used to describe the size of Baby Hopeful Bud. This week our baby is compared to a lime. I love limes, especially when they are in frozen Margaritas. Oh I would love a Margarita about now (kidding)! Next week he or she grows to become the almighty plum. I can't believe I'm almost out of the first trimester. While I can't say that I actually have a baby bump, my stomach is looking very funny. It looks as though all of my organs have decided to be pushed over to the right. Very strange looking.

Also, as of today (11 weeks and 4 days) we are under the 200 day countdown. I haven't told Mr. Hopeful Bud this yet, because it would really freak him out. He is working on a pretty big deal right now, that if everything goes according to plan (yeah right!) will be a great commission for us to have for our little nest egg. It will really help us out professionally and personally. I'm crossing all my fingers and toes and praying that Baby HB is crossing all of his or her fingers and toes too since they are now unwebbed.

Yesterday I took the test on and it said 74% boy for Baby HB. Although I had a couple friends take the test who already know what they are having and it gave them the opposite sex then what was confirmed on u/s. So maybe I'll take the test with a grain of salt. We are just praying for a healthy Baby HB.

Well that's about it. Nothing too exciting going on in the life of Mrs. Hopeful Bud and her growing fruit. Morning sickness has seems to subside, even though I had it very minimally in the first place.

Take care and remain hopeful and prayerful!



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