November 20, 2009

17 weeks down and lots of excitement

One more week is almost done in the 40 week wait to little Daffodil Bud's arrival.

This week I had a doctors appointment where of course I got to hear that sweetest little swishing sound of baby's heartbeat. Things are progressing normally and the heartbeat was 140 this week. So far I have only gained 2 lbs but my weight is shifting to where people say they can tell I am pregnant and not just my normal overly fluffy self.

The biggest event so far for this week was getting the big ultrasound scheduled. Next Friday the 27th, Black Friday, instead of joining the madness of shoppers we will be sleeping in and then going to see if our baby will co-operate so we can find out if this is a Boy or if it is a Girl.

Thankfully we have a few things happening before Friday so I can not obsess for a whole week about the ultrasound. My baby brother is a senior in high school this year and he and the rest of the football team are still in the playoffs for the state championship. They play this Saturday for Semi-Finals at 1pm so there is that fun and then of course Turkey Day on Thursday.

Of course if my brother and his team beat their opponent this Saturday then it is on to the state championship game at Ford Field in Detroit on Friday afternoon so Friday may be a busy busy day.

So hopefully next week I will have lots of exciting news to report. Until then here is the 17 week "bump" picture :) 



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