November 13, 2009

Final Follie Scan: I Wish I May I Wish I Might Ovulate on my Own Tonight!

So Thursday evening (11/12/09) I had my Final Follie Scan with Dr. B. We did my ultrasound first this time and I was anxious to see what was going on with my follies! Well, those 3 follies that were 14mm on Monday evening (11/9/09) grew to 20mm! What was even more surprising is that Dr. B showed me on the ultrasound how the follies were starting to rupture on their own and that he believed I was getting my LH surge!! He said the blood work would tell him more.

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So after my amazing ultrasound, Nurse K drew my blood again and told me they would call me tomorrow to let me know if my LH had surged! Dr. B said that if my LH was surging and he believed it was, that I WOULD OVULATE ON MY OWN ON FRIDAY and there would be no reason for him to write me a prescription for Ovidrel! What OVULATE ON MY OWN!?! I had not done that in over a year! I feel blessed that I don't have to spend money on Ovidrel, but I am truly thankful that my body is cooperating this cycle. As a matter of fact Dr. B said this was a Perfect Cycle!

So sure enough I get a call from Dr. B's office letting me know that my LH did surge Thursday and that I should be ovulating on Friday 11/13/09. The nurses ordered me progesterone suppositories that I have to pick up today, and told me to make sure I BD Friday night and today as well. I go for my Beta at Dr. B's on Friday 11/27/09. I began having ovulation pains around 9:00 PM last night, and now I am just praying that one Mr. Blessed Bud's swimmers meet my egg!!

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