November 14, 2009

Beta #2 is in!

and it was 714!

we had beta #1 at 14dpiui result was 102 and #2 was scheduled for yesterday at 18dpiui. The nurse had told me it should be around 600 when I asked on Monday but I was prepared for it to be around 400.

I was ecstatic to hear the news! I told Mr. LB and he gave me the biggest hug and kiss and actually cried.
He told me to not tell people he cried because then he would lose his "street cred". Nerd. <3

Anyway, I need to make and appointment for a "baby scan" next week. I have no idea what a baby scan is but I'm assuming there will be some kind of u/s involved. We're very excited, hopeful and just praying that we'll see little "Bagel" in there when we go.

Wish us luck!!


Blessed Bud said...

Love Bud1 I am getting tears in my eyes lol! I am so happy for you!!!

Dandelion Bud said...


Jen J. said...

Yaaay LB, I am sooo excited for you guys! Mr. LB is funny, sounds like something my Hubby would say. :oP


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