November 5, 2009

Charting, what's that???

This entire cycle has been a wash. First of all, I was sick for 10 days. Then I lost my BBT. After a massive hunt, I was unable to locate it and bought another. Temped for a few days. Have reason to believe that the new BBT isn't functioning properly. Find old BBT in the bottom of the garbage can. Debate washing it off really well and using it again. Decide that probably isn't a good idea. Decide that since almost the entire cycle was not temped I should just quit while I am ahead and wait till next cycle.

GAH! I have had absolutely nothing to report because a) I'm not temping b) due to a 10-day illness on my part and a now 6 day illness on DH's part.....we have BD's d a grand total of.......wait for it..........drumroll..........THREE times this cycle! I am ashamed and embarassed. Oh well, I am chalking it up to a swine-flu induced dry spell. These things happen. And finally, c) we are still TTA.

We talked more about it again the other day and determined that regardless of my job situation (though we are hoping for a job for me), we will start trying for sure by the first of the year! YAHOO! It is crazy to think that is right around the corner!



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