November 5, 2009

2WW Again

Sorry it has been a while!

This cycle has been totally screwy and I think it's because of stress. My chart finally has solid cross-hairs placed on CD 16 (Halloween). So, I guess I am now in the 2WW. Wish me luck! Mr. SB joked that if we made a baby this cycle, we should name him or her Frankie. Yeah, I don't think so! I am really hoping this is our cycle. Everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant and it is really starting to sting.

But guess what! We close on our house tomorrow!!!! I am so excited. This week leading up to has not gone as smoothly as hoped, but now that everything is figured out, it seems to be moving along nicely. Closing is at 10:00 am and we will get the keys immediately. We already know exactly what we are going to do when we get there tomorrow afternoon - change all the locks and door handles, change all the hinges on the doors and start painting the kitchen. YAY!

Here is what it looks like now.

Give me a few days and I will post an after picture.
I am really hoping that this house stuff will take my mind off TTC and the 2WW and in 2 weeks we will find out that "Frankie" will be on it's way!


Jen J. said...

LOL to Frankie - I hope this is your cycle girl! PS - I love that house of yours & believe me, it will keep your mind off of the 2ww for sure! We actually need to change out all our door hinges too - it's just a lot of work! GL & def make sure to post after pics.


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