November 5, 2009

We have a plan and answers

I was finally able to meet with my RE yesterday. It was nice to finally hear directly from the doctor, what may have hindered us from conceiving. Although the issues are from both sides they are both minor and NOT the end of the world.

The Female Issues

The main issue with me is AGE. Of course, it is always age. Ugh – I really hate that and it really is something that is out of my control. So I met the man of my dreams later is life - whatever! Oh well, we will just move past that.

The other minor issue is that I have what is known as an Arcuate Configuration of the Uterus. In the easiest way that I can explain it, I have a small cleft or impression at the top of my uterus. This is considered a normal variant and it is NOT associated with an increased risk of obstetric/gynecologic complications found in other subtypes like a Bicornuate or Septate uterus. Here is a picture of an Arcuate Uterus with a picture of a typical uterus:

Can you see the minor difference? Look at the VERY top of the first image - see the little drop down in the middle - yep, that's it! That is what is deemed as a Arcuate uterus!

The Male Issues

As I have suspected all along, Mr. Sunshine Bud does have a minor issue which most likely is the reason we are not pregnant YET! He has what is known as Mild Teratospermia (what a mouthful). For a better explanation of Teratospermia click here

And Now (insert drumroll), The Plan

So where does this leave us? Well, we will need to do a medicated IUI cycle. And the great news is that we will start THIS CYCLE!!!!

This cycle will entail me taking Clomid (50 mg) on cycle days 5-9 (with monitoring). CD 5 is Friday!!! I will use my CBEFM to test my urine for LH testing. I will call the nurse the day after my surge and that morning we will do our first IUI.

After the LH surge, on days 8 and 11, I will have blood work done to determine my luteal progesterone levels.

Also, an hCG trigger will only be used if I hit CD 16 WITHOUT an LH surge.

So that’s it, somewhat, in a nutshell!

Until next time,

Sunshine Bud


Domestic Princess said...

Wow, How exciting! I would love if you would keep us posted day to day with what is going on this cycle. That would be so great to read your experiance as you go through it.

Shawna0116 said...

I agree, a daily update! I am so excited for you!!!!! Yay!!!!

Flora Bud said...

I am so happy for you!!! remember age is just a number and you can get pass that :)

GL, and I am praying that this is it for you!!

Heather said...

I am so happy that you finally got some answers and a plan. Please keep us posted.

Sugar Bud said...

I know you must be so relieved to be getting some answers! Yay for a plan and future baby!!!

Jen J. said...

Yayyy! I am sure you are sooo excited to do your IUI, GL SB - I am totally pulling for your Thanksgiving miracle!

Glow Bud said...

Wohoo! I'm very excited for you and that you finally got some answers. I can't wait to hear the outcome!

Love Bud said...

That's wonderful!!!!
Hopefully this will do the trick and you'll get your BFP!


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