November 7, 2009

An Unbelieveably Blessed Day!

So a little history...
4 weeks ago at the beginning of my Follistim/Femara Cycle and during a Hysteroscopy my RE Dr. B found a large uterine polyp that took up the majority of my uterine cavity. Dr. B cancelled the cycle and told me I would need it surgically removed before I could cycle again. He tried for awhile to get it with his forceps but he could not. I then made appointment with Dr. R my OB/GYN and she scheduled me for a Saline Sonogram for Tuesday November 3.

Photography Credit

Fastforward to Tuesday November 3
Dr. R and her colleague Dr. G performed the Saline Sonogram this afternoon and according to what they saw my uterus was clear and informed me I would not need surgery and that the polyp probably passed on its own... What?????? I was so irritated and confused because I saw that huge ugly polyp for myself on the video screen during my hysteroscopy.

So I get to my car and call my RE Dr. B. He tells me to come right in to his office no appointment at all and gave me a sonogram and another Hysteroscopy this evening and the huge polyp is gone!!!!! He showed me the before and after pics tonight and it is truly unbelievable! I have been praying about this situation and Dr. B gave me the all clear to go ahead and cycle so I will be doing Femara, Follistim Ovidrel and Timed Intercourse! I love Dr. B!!!



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