October 23, 2009

Where Oh Where Could my BBT Be??

I can't imagine how I managed to lose my BBT after taking my temperature multiple times a day for 5 days, but it has officially vanished. Since I know for certain that it must be within a 10 foot radius of my bed (I didn't leave my bed for almost a week) I have been hesitant to purchase a new one, but I think I will have to take the plunge. I am now on CD 7 and only have one good temp. My first 4 were tainted by the flu, I got one good one in, and then the BBT vanished into thin air. I was thinking of just winging it for the rest of the cycle, but I am really hoping to get a good cycle in.

The last two cycles have appeared to be anovulatory but I suspect it was just because my temp times were all over the place due to my work schedule. I think I finally found a time that would be more feasible for me to temp, so I want to try again and see how this month goes, and if there is a more clear temperature shift. We are still TTA and while I can sort of predict my O date, I really feel like I should be more sure if we want to avoid any "oopsies." Although I must confess.....I think that both of us would be ok with an oops. More on that too come.....



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