October 24, 2009

In my hiding cave.

Well, AF officially showed up after about 3 days of spotting. She arrived Thursday and was not very nice about it.

I think because we really thought this could have been our month, I've been fairly reserved. I'm not visiting my favorite TTC message board as much, I'm trying not to think about TTC, I am not temping during AF. I need a break for a few days. Funny, I didn't have a heart sunk into my stomach sort of feeling when she arrived. It was more of a day, push it to the back of my head and move on feeling.

So, I really don't have much to report in terms of TTC. I told Mr. Snow Bud this morning that I am not sure I want to chart this next cycle. He doesn't understand it. I just know that this last month, even doing everything right, it still didn't work. I lost sleep so many nights during my 2WW, our BDing was so calculated, and we were referring to them as "business meetings", and because it was so planned and calculated, we barely BD'ed after O, I think we both needed a break after that monotony of it all.

So, now I have a day or two to decide if charting is right for me this next cycle. Yikes.

On a happier note, we took in a foster puppy on Thursday. He is a 6 month old Bulldog mix, and as cute as could be. If we didn't have the three already, I would adopt him in a heartbeat. I'll leave you with his adorable face.

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Until next time,
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Jen J. said...

OMG - he is soooo cute!! I would totally take him if my H would let me. :o) I took this cycle's AF off from temping & it's didn't relieve stress necessarily, but it was nice to have a few days off. GL this cycle!


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