October 27, 2009


New BBT (after a failed search and rescue mission) - $8.00
Gummy-Vites with folic acid - $7.00
Stash of $Tree OPK's - $10.00
Having a very important TTC talk with the DH - Priceless!!!

I literally just got done venting on my favorite message board about how I was so frustrated that our TTC has been hampered by what seems like a futile job search. My sister just announced to me yesterday that she and BIL will be TTC and while I wanted to be excited, it made me so depressed because I was wishing that we were in the same place, but as of late it has seemed like TTC would be on hold for longer than anticipated.

Tonight DH and I talked though. He told me that he wants to start trying. It is a long story and a big conversation about how he reached this conclusion, especially since we have had some big goals for before TTC. We have accomplished almost all of them and the ones that remain are ones that he feels confident will be taken care of very soon. Sooooooo.......while we will likely still wait another month or so to sort things out (being the practical, planner-type people that we are), I am ecstatic that this thing that I have been hoping for for so long might actually become a reality sooner than I thought. I will be sure to post more about how this process unfolds. Right now I am just trying to take it all in and think through everything that we need to do for ourselves......and for our future Fitness Baby!



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