October 27, 2009

A Flicker of Hope

Today was my first prenatal appointment, and I spent about 1.5 hours there. I first was weighed and it said that I weighed 145-146 lbs, which I'm not buying that I've gained 5 lbs because I had on a heavy sweater over my shirt and boots, so we'll say that was it. I then PIAC and sat down for 2 seconds when we were called back into a tiny little room. We answered about 5 minutes of questions about family history and had my blood pressure taken, it was great as usual. Then Nurse J brought in the large ultrasound machine and we watched as she got the va-ja-jay cam ready with goo and condom alike.

Then Dr. K came in and we talked a little about SEC football (he is a UTK fan, why I like my Dr is beyond this UGA gal's thoughts) and then we told him about the brown bleeding. I started having some medium-heavy brown spotting yesterday and today which is a concern so Dr. K put me on Prometrium to keep the bleeding down and hopefully secure the pregnancy. There IS a risk of miscarriage, and he wanted to take all precautions we can today. Dr. K is going to have them run a Progesterone test in with my bloodwork and if it above 20 (I think) then we should be okay, but he's putting me on the medicine anyway in case something happens between now and then. So I'm waiting on pins and needles to see if the bloodwork shows up good tomorrow. I then got undressed and waited for him and Nurse A to come back in to do the vaginal ultrasound. Mr. BrainyBud and I were very anxious to see if there was anything even in there after the days events, but sure enough, there was!

Meet Baby BrainyBud. Tiny at 6 weeks, but still in the ute! It took Dr. K what seemed like FOREVER to tell us that he saw a flicker of a heartbeat... A FLICKER!

We saw the flicker of a heartbeat but it was very small but gave me a glimmer of hope. We won't know for sure until the bloodwork though...speaking of bloodwork (YIKES!) I went to the lab and they asked me to sit in the chair, and I shook my head like a 2 year old and say "No!" I told them my ordeal with needles and they took me to a room where I could lay down. The lab tech was great about not showing me the needle and I even got the pediatric needle I asked for! Mr. BrainyBud was my rock, he kept eye contact with me, rubbed my head even when I was crying and said I felt like I was going to throw up! (I didn't) And like that it was done. I could NOT have done it without him. He said I was very brave, but I think it was all him.I just hope the results come back good tomorrow and that in 2 weeks the baby is good and healthy.

We also found out that the new EDD is June 20,2010, Father's Day. What a great present, no? What makes this even more special is that it will be 28 years to the day that Mr. BrainyBud was born, and it was a Father's Day that year too!

LOTS OF FAITH, love and baby flutters,
Mrs. BrainyBud


mrs.messi said...

Yay for a great ultrasound picture! Hope the blood work comes back with great results!


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