October 14, 2009

Plan of action

Last night I let myself cry, mope and feel sorry for myself. It was not pretty, but much needed. I'm doing much better today. I made myself an action plan to make myself feel better.
My plans/goals:
1. Make ob/gyn appointment so that I can discuss my concerns and figure out if we need any further testing. I need to do my annual anyways.
2. Start working out again. It'll make me feel better and should hopefully be positive for my fertility.
3. Work on healthy eating habits.
4. Do everything that I did the month I got pregnant with Little Daisy Bud. This includes charting, CBEFM, green tea, and Mucinex. It worked once. :)
5. Make time for myself everyday. As a SAHM I really don't get any time to myself. This should hopefully lower my stress level too. If the laundry doesn't always get done, oh well.



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