October 14, 2009

Doctor appointments update

Today was my second doctor appointment this week. I went in on Monday for my mid-cycle ultrasound. They checked my follicles and lining, and surprise! They weren't ready yet. I tried to tell the nurse at my baseline appointment at the beginning of the month that I usually ovulated really late and I didn't want to come in on CD 11 because I knew my follicles wouldn't be ready yet and I was right. So that was a $70 appointment that was a waste. Even though my follicles were too small to do the trigger shot, they still were progressing ok, but my lining was pathetic. Still very thin.

They made another appointment for today, and my follicles had definitely done some growing. Today they were 18, 16, 14 and 12. She said I should do the trigger shot tomorrow to give the 16 follie another day to grow. My lining? Still a sad little 4. Everything I've read said it should be 8-13 at ovulation, and under 6 is a problem. The ultrasound tech asked if this has always been an issue for me and I told her I didn't know. I just found out about it when I started seeing the RE. I guess that could explain the mid-month bleeding I had a few years ago.

A normal uterus and lining. The green is outlining the lining, which in this picture is 11.2 mm thick. The red is the outline of the uterus.
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I will do the ovidrel trigger shot tomorrow, which will release any mature eggs. We have instructions to have sex for three days, then I will start progesterone suppositories on Monday. My hope is that the progesterone will help with my lining issue, but after asking around on some message boards, I think progesterone just helps keep the lining you have intact and doesn't increase it. So who knows if a BFP is even possible this month. If not, I hope that the progesterone helps thicken my lining for next month. Even though it can be depressing at times when your body isn't doing what it's supposed to, I am so glad that I am being monitored so closely so we know what is going on and what we need to fix.


Flora Bud said...

CB, I am so happy that you guys are moving along and that your doctor is taking a very close eye on you. I have a feeling you are going to see your sticky baby real soon.


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