October 15, 2009

Before Getting KU

I want to finish a lot of house projects. Mr. bud is handy but needs a good push. Right now we are waiting to O so I have about a month to complete some unfinished projects.

I'm a neat freak that likes to have everything perfect and well organized. We take pride In our little home, so I'm always finding cheap do it yourself projects to update our home. I'm thinking in tackling one room at a time praying by the time it's the spare bedroom we are KU so that we can decorate it into a nursery.

Here is a list of things to do before getting KU:

Our Master bedroom: (hopefully finish by Halloween)
  1. Replace all the window tiles with new white ones
  2. Finish sanding and painting our nightstands
  3. Sew sheer drapery for both windows
  4. Buy curtain rods and 3 white frames
  5. Paint the walls, closet doors and trim
  6. install new electricity outlets
The living Room & Dinning Room:
  1. Paint
  2. Make slipcovers for our dinning room chairs
All I keep doing thinking of beautiful nursery's and dreaming of the day that we start our family.
Here is my favorite nursery inspiration picture that I would love to hold our little one in someday...


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