October 10, 2009

One of my favorite things to see

Is this. I love seeing this little egg.

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Around my ovulation day I go around asking Mr. OB if he has seen my egg. The first time I said it I got the weirdest look ever. He thinks I'm odd. Now he is used to it. He knows this is like the golden egg to me. Its very important. He also knows once I find my egg, he also hit the jackpot!
This morning I decided to go ahead and POAS and insert my OPK into my ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor and I found my egg! Yay! I'm excited. I knew it was close just didn't know exactly when it would come. Not only do I have an egg I also have eggwhite cervical mucus which I never used to get. I'm super excited. So I guess you guys know what is going on tonight.
Brown Chicken Brown Cow!
Hopefully this cycle will end with a BFP. If not there's always next cycle!



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