October 10, 2009

My HSG and advice

I had my HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) yesterday!  All went well - really well, in fact.

All I know at this point, is that my tubes are clear.  Once again, great news.  I will get full results in a few days.  The tech that performed the HSG is not comfortable giving her opinion or thoughts.  Therefore my RE will call with the full results after the radiology tech gives his/her findings.

I was disappointed; during the procedure I was unable to watch it happen in real time.  Oh well! 

For me, the HSG was really a breeze.  I usually have very little cramping when AF shows up, so I was hopefully that I wouldn't have any cramping and I didn't.  I know I am very fortunate to NOT experience any cramping or discomfort.

It started with a plastic speculum being used and then a balloon was inserted and expanded (I never felt it).  Then a wash of the cervix was done 3 times (they do this to greatly reduce the possibility of infection).  I felt nothing other than cold and wet. 

There were times that I could feel the dye being inserted but that was it.  I did have to move/roll onto my right side and then left side so the dye could flow in the appropriate tube.  The most discomfort that I felt was during the removal of the balloon, which is used to hold the cervix open and then to block the dye from leaking during the xray's.  The balloon was a little stuck and had to be coaxed out. 

A few things you might want to know - the dye is clear and super sticky.  Oh and don't expect your body to look exactly like the textbooks because my uterus is very tilted or should I say, offset to the left.  If I only had a picture.  I was shocked, to be honest!

Also, bring your own pads (no tampons) as you will have leakage.  Also, it was suggested that I take 800 mg of ibuprofen an hour before the procedure, to reduce cramping.  I did and I was fine. 

Keep in mind that for 24 hours after the procedure you can't use a tampon, a hot tub or take a bath.  A shower is perfectly fine but you just can't sit in water.  Also, expect a little cramping and minor bleeding or discharge.  That is all normal and to be expected.  Anything more than that, you need to call your doctor about.

That's it!  Easy for me but not for all!  Good luck to those the need an HSG, be calm and just try to enjoy the process and how your body works.  It IS fascinating.

Until next time!
Sunshine Bud


Anonymous said...

Awwww, thats great!!! Glad to hear it was a breeze!!!


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