October 11, 2009

Filled with Emotions

I wanted to wait until AF was due to test again, but after the second BFP today, I feel that I can share with this blog..... I'M PREGNANT!!!

On Thursday (10 DPO) we tested with a Dollar Store test that didn't seem clear, so we waited until lunchtime and tested with a digital Clear Blue Easy HPT and there it was "Pregnant."

I am filled with emotions from being scared to happy to depressed to elated. I hope the meeting with our pastor will help me renew my faith today. He will be the only person that will know until, hopefully, Christmas. Today, I am 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant with a due date around Mr. Brainy Bud's 28th birthday in June. He is so happy about the baby. He will be a great father. He is already the best husband!

I still can't believe it happened on cycle #1.

Faith, Love, and Baby Flutters
Mrs. Brainy Bud

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