October 14, 2009

Its that dreaded time

My 2ww. I hate this wait. However, this cycle I didn't temp, I just charted my CM, OPKs, and CBEFM. I believe today I am either 1 DPO or 2 DPO. I'm going with 2. We had great timing this cycle, not that that matters, we have had perfect timing every cycle. I'm Obsessive Bud, I MAKE sure we have perfect timing. I decided to take it easy during this 2ww and not care. That's so easy to say but hard to do. I'm trying to think positive and if it doesn't happen that's fine. I mean I'm going to be sad but at the same time we are going on a 12 day Mediterranean Cruise in November to Barcelona, Turkey, Egypt, Rome, Athens, and Malta and I am 100% positive THAT will keep my mind off of things.

Now, can I talk about my love for my new doctor? He is so wonderful. He is just so great. He listens to me, talks to me about TTC and doesn't just run me out of his office. On Day 1 of my cycle I went into his office to find a new doctor. I spent 30 minutes telling my TTC and how it hasn't happened yet. He ordered some blood work and an HSG. Two weeks later I got my bloodwork in and he said everything looks great! Yay! I have slightly elevated testosterone levels however he said its nothing to worry about right now. I have great FSH and LH levels and everything else came out looking great. My HSG was clear and he just said to continue what we were doing and keep on doing it. I told him about my worries about Mr.OB taking a steroid for inflammation of his brain during his 1 month hospital stay and he said it could take a couple of months for his supply to strengthen and that could be a reason why its taking us longer. He did inform me most of the male infertility from steroids are from anabolic steroids and NOT the steroid he was taking. Pharmaceutical companies just have to place that warning on the bottle. Niiice. Thanks for making me freak out. Mr. OB will have an SA sometime next week and then we will go from there.

So that is where we are. Just waiting. I feel like a lot of time its a waiting game. I'm either waiting to O, waiting for a BFP, waiting for AF to leave, just waiting. This month I feel a lot less calm. I don't know why. Maybe its because my tests came back good or because I'm not temping. No matter what happens we will take it one day at a time.


Dandelion Bud said...

I told you there was nothing to worry about with the steroids!! :)

Obsessive Bud said...

I know and THANK YOU so much. I went from crying because of that stupid bottle to being hopeful after you responded. You really did MAKE my day! Thank you again!


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