October 13, 2009

AF Arrived

I'm seriously depressed. I honestly thought that this was our cycle.
I'm avoiding my favorite message boards because of the large influx of BFPs in the last couple days. I want to be able to be able to be happy for these girls, but I just can't at this point. I am just so darn jealous and so sad for myself. 15 months of not preventing, almost 7 months of trying. While I know this is almost nothing, compared to how long other have waited and struggled, my heart aches. Will we ever get to have another baby? Is there something wrong with me?
Tonight is my night to mope. Tomorrow I will be strong again and keep myself busy enough so that I don't have time to feel sorry for myself. Life goes on.


Worry Bud said...

It is NOT almost nothing...my heart hurts for you DB & I actually completely understand. Chin up though - I am sure that we will all get our BFPs soon!

Flora Bud said...

Pls keep your head up, your day will be come when we will be celebrating your BFP.

Take some time off for yourself.

Obsessive Bud said...

Keep your chin up DB! I'm praying for you guys.


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