October 26, 2009

Go Team Blue!

You guessed it - We are officially Team Blue!!! Photo Credit

When we first went in the tech asked if we wanted to know the sex. Of course we said yes! She then said that only if she's 100% sure will she say either way. Then Baby GB decided to spread eagle!!! And she said - we've definitely got a boy! Mr. GB of course needs to be sure before he gets excited so he asked the tech again how sure she was. Her response was really funny - she said (in really technical terms) that they say a boy looks like a turtle head and a girl looks like a big mac... she points to the money shot and says "THAT, is a turtle head." Haha... here's proof:

Then we went through about a zillion other angles and shots - all of which she said seemed to look ok. I guess Dr. C gets to go through all of them and only if she see's something out of the ordinary will she call... let's hope for no call! :)

The heart had all 4 chambers and the heartbeat was at 156 beats per minute. Baby GB's kidney's were functioning and his bladder was full (as was mine! I had to get up and pee 1/2 way through). The spine looked straight and the head was measuring right on track. I can't remember exactly but I think she said he was about 9 ounces based on all her measurements.

The rest is kind of a blur but I have ton of pictures! This one's my favorite:

I think that's all the excitement for today - our next appointment is Nov. 7th and we get to meet our alternate doctor, Dr. W - just in case Dr. C isn't available. That should be fun, I hope she isn't planning any late March vacations!!!

Cheers everyone!



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