October 6, 2009

Be Still My Heart!!!

I have been a naughty, naughty girl, as I have found myself in a love affair with another man! Edward Cullen. If you have read the Twilight series, I am sure that you know what I mean! I had dug in my heels and swore that I would not read these books.......I argued and debated with people who tried to tell me how great they were, and then suddenly, without explanation, I decided to cave and check out what all the hype was over, fully expecting that I would be relatively unimpressed.

Here I am 5 days later having read ALL FOUR books. I can't believe myself. I have barely slept, I don't think I have eaten much, I certainly have skipped the gym more than I should have, and I am tore up in the looks department, but this entire series has just been added to my favorites list. Thank God I am not currently TTC because I am pretty sure that O came and went during my 5 day hibernation and I didn't temp, BD, or chart a darn thing. I was too engrossed!

That said, today is business as usual. I have resolved to temp again tomorrow morning and get back on track for the rest of this cycle. I am thinking of switching my temp time for next cycle to see if it affects anything. The last 2 cycles haven't indicated O, although I am fairly certain that it happened. I think my temps are just way too off due to my wacky schedule. Here's keeping my fingers crossed for a better cycle 5!!


Dandelion Bud said...

I used to be you. I refused to read them too... now my husband makes fun of me because I actually look for fan fiction to read to continue the story.

There needs to be a self help group.

Fitness Bud said...

I am SO right there with you! I found myself looking at the online Twilight store last night. I was too embarrassed to tell DH what I was doing, so I hid out in our room and said I was job searching. Oops!

Chef Bud said...

LOVE Twilight...but I'm Team Jacob! Can't wait for New Moon to come out, only 1 1/2 months!


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