September 21, 2009

Well that sucked....

Yep - got my 4 DPO. The B6 helped lengthen my LP by.....drum roll please...1 day. I'm not sure if it was even the B6 or if it was just my body's randomness. And man is AF here in full force - I have had the heaviest bleeding & most painful cramps since coming off BCPs in June. Uggh, it's just so depressing. I try not to be down, I try to tell myself it's fine, it's only my 3rd cycle & I was on BCPs for 12 years on & off, and it's just my body re-adjusting to being off of BC. I told myself after my last pitiful LP that if cycle 3's LP was still alarmingly short then I'd call my Dr. & try to get in for an appointment to discuss how to correct my apparent Luteal Phase Defect (LPD). So that's what I did this morning - despite this being the BUSIEST time of year at work, I took time out today & called my Dr. because this is just soooo much more important to me than anything else right now. I decided to leave a message for the nurse before just making an appointment. I was pleasantly surprised when the nurse asked to see my charts from my last 3 cycles. It made me happy that it seemed like she took my concern seriously and that she was supportive of charting (I hear some Drs. are not). So I faxed my charts over and she said after a nurse reviews them then they will give me a call back to discuss my appointment options, so I am expecting a call tomorrow! I am so happy that I went ahead and called & am hoping that we can find something to help me out here!

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On another note - I love Mr. Worry Bud soooo much! He is so incredibly supportive & has been so great to me while I work through my emotions on this whole thing! I just feel so lucky to have a husband who loves and supports me no matter what (& no matter how annoying I am or talk about babies)! He is truly a wonderful man & I know he is going to make an amazing father one day!

The good news is (I'm trying to be optimistic) - everything I have read about LPDs say that it's nothing to be too concerned about - that it is normally very simple to correct and that is very common after coming off hormonal BC, so I am hoping all of that is true! You can find more information on LPDs at; this is a helpful article I found that explained it all a bit better to me. I'll keep everyone updated on what my Dr. says & hopefully I am one step closer to what all of us Buds want - a BFP & healthy baby!



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