September 22, 2009

This cycle can bite the dust....

Mr. Bud came home from a business trip feeling under the weather and ended up with having a fever all Sunday and Monday. He was so sick, boogers were flying everywhere the poor thing. All I could do is spray Lysol on everything!

This cycle my chart was following the exact pattern from my last BFP cycle so I knew I was going to O either on Sunday night or Monday. Plus I have been drinking Green Tea which I noticed an increase of cm around my O date.

Here is my chart overlay, The green line represents the BFP month and the Purple line represents this month. Its following the exact same pattern...

We BD On Friday, but I do not think his little guys survived all the way until Sunday/Monday.

I have been waiting for this day for a while and planning it out and already hoping that the 2ww would hurry up and pass so that I can poas and hope to see 'Pregnant', but since Mr. Bud was out sick we would have to wait for the next cycle.

Truthfully I was really sad and down all Monday that we were not going to try but I had snap out of it really quick and realize that Mr. Bud is not my Sperm bank/Sex Machine/Baby making tool. Right now I had to put this on hold and take care of him, don't get me wrong the thought of tying him down and jumping on him did cross my head but this is a special moment for both of us.

Sometimes we get baby making in our heads and do nothing but think of this and want this and if something gets in the way destroy it and I was doing this all Sunday night and Monday. I even realized that I was giving him an attitude on Monday, which was so wrong of me... Its not his fault that he got sick.

Now when I think of Mr. Bud all I can think about is him being my...

Off to the next month!



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