September 22, 2009

7 weeks!!!

Today marks the start of 7 weeks pregnant. I feel like we have reached a milestone! I have never been pregnant this long, except for with Little Faith Bud. After our scare last week I spoke with the dr yesterday who assured me everything is fine. They cancelled the ultrasound and we will go in at our regularly scheduled appointment next Monday. I can't wait to see our little monkey again!

Today is Little Faith Bud's Birthday!!! I can't quite believe that my baby is now 6. Time has flown by that's for sure!


Flora Bud said...

So sorry about last weeks scare... C'mon lil monkey, we are fighting for you!!

I wish you the best and cant wait to hear Monday's doctors appointment follow up.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about next week's appointment and hope that all continues to go well! Stick lil monkey!


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