September 28, 2009

Just hanging out & hanging in there...

Today I'm on CD 9....still taking the B6, drinking green tea & just hanging out...waiting to O. I would really love it if my LP would correct itself, but I'm so impatient that I do NOT wanna wait for that. If you remember in my last post I was trying to figure out whether I should try to go to another GYN & get a 2nd opinion on waiting it out 3 more months before going in about my short LP, or if I should just wait it out & hope hope hope my GYN was right. Well the day after I posted that & after much thought, I decided to go ahead and call my PCP to go in for my annual physical & try to see if they would give me a few blood tests I wanted. Well when I called to make the appt. the receptionist asked if I needed a pap smear & I said no, but I was surprised b/c I either: a) never knew my PCP also provided GYN services, or b) I forgot. So I told the receptionist that I'd like to speak with the Dr. about reproductive concerns though & she said that I could absolutely talk to my Dr. about that at the appt. My appt. is October 9th & I can't wait! When I go in I am going to ask that my progesterone, iron & thyroid levels be checked. I am hoping that whatever the problem is, it is something that can easily be fixed & that I get a BFP soon. Please pray for me that my Dr. is proactive & doesn't want to make me wait the next 3 months out like my GYN does...I would love to get a BFP before the end of this year, perhaps around the holidays - what a Christmas gift that would be!

In other news, my fellow 1WW (1 week wait) sistah on the internet message board I frequent - we joke about our 1WW b/c we have both had short LP issues since being off BCPs... hers have not been quite as bad as mine, but short nonetheless - just got a very faint line this morning, but I saw it in the pic she was faint, but there & you know what they say: "A line is a line"! We are all 99.99% sure (waiting on a blood test to confirm) she got her BFP this morning after several months of short LPs & recently being put on Prometrium to supplement her progesterone levels. I was SOOOO 'effing happy to see that from her b/c it seriously gives me hope! Congrats woman, you know who you are! OH how I hope it's that simple a fix for me too & I get whatever drug I need to fix my LP & we get KU soon!

Also, I went to watch the season premiere of Desperate Housewives last night with my 19 weeks pg BFF (they all seem to be new mommies or KU except me of course....or maybe it's just how I feel right now)...she finds out what the sex is this Friday! I am so happy for her & she has had such a rough time with being sick thru out the pregnancy that this is actually the first time I have seen her since early June (before she even knew she was pg). And of course, she is starting to get a little bump, which is so freakin' adorable! This is not her, but a good example of about how big her bump is:

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I am so happy for her, especially since she had some early spotting & was worried about m/c, but I am a little sad for myself since she & I had always said that we wanted to get pregnant together. It's not completely out of the question, but we would be pretty far apart even if I got KU in the next few months...and I guess God had other plans in mind for me, so I am just praying that he blesses Mr. Worry Bud & I with a baby soon. In the mean time, I will keeping hoping & praying with everything I have in me that God sees fit to bless us with a little one soon! Stay tuned...hopefully the next few weeks will bring good news!



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