September 18, 2009

Husbands Say the Darnest Things!

So last night, I was feeling quite upset after a 3 hour long church committee meeting and was extremely tired at 11:30 when I crawled into bed. Mr. BrainyBud had the giddy-iess grin on his face and said....
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Mr. Brainy Bud: "So... Monday is ...." (he starts counting on his fingers) "1...2....3....4! 4 days away!"

Me: "Yes, and I'm terrified enough as it is! You don't have to have your whole body go through a huge change, all you have to do is have fun!"

Mr. Brainy Bud: (still with that goofy smile) "I'm here for ya babe"

UGH! ..................Guys!
I swear if he wasn't so darn adorable, I would have beat the grin right off his face! LOL!

Side Note: Monday is slated to be my first "possibly fertile" days since TTC on Cycle #1.

Faith, Love, and Baby Flutters
Mrs. Brainy Bud



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