September 18, 2009

Hard to believe that . . .

I'm half way done with my 2WW and I haven't stressed about it hardly at all. I've been so focused this last week and a half on helping Mr. Hopeful Bud start his new diet, that I haven't had time to stress or over think things. I can honestly say I was super surprised when FF gave me cross-hairs a couple days ago. For some reason I had convinced myself that this was going to be an anovulatory cycle because of all of my flat temperatures and because I wasn't doing Clomid anymore. I know that FF can't actually see in my ovaries to see if I ovulated, but the fact that my temps have stayed up the last week and we had excellent BD timing, makes me the most optimistic than I've been since we started this process 8 months ago. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I am so proud of Mr. Hopeful Bud and his decision to lose weight. He is being so strong and is keeping to his plan to the tee. It has been such a pleasure to go through this process with him. He says that since we want to start a family, that he is doing this so that he is around for a long time. He also wants to be able to play ball and be active with our children and right now walking is sometimes hard. Doesn't help that he has clubbed feet, but he knows that losing weight will help him walk easier. So far he has lost 10 pounds and a couple inches. He is doing great!


Domestic Princess said...

GL! Tell DH congrats on sticking with it. We need to start that too=)


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