September 8, 2009

Ahhhh Family.....

Yesterday my aunt and uncle hosted a small cookout for part of the family, basically my mom and I and my grandparents along with my aunt, uncle and their 2 sons. Well my grandmother has Alzheimer's disease and of course you never know on any given visit what she'll remember and what she won't.

Yesterday had been one week since most of the family found out that we are expecting and I was surprised that grandma remembered except for the comments were priceless. 1st thing she said to me when I walked into my aunt and uncles was "boy you are putting on weight"hmmm not really but thanks.

A little while later she asked me if I was pregnant again, ummm no grandma I am still pregnant with my 1st.

Now sometimes with grandma you have to wonder if she knows who she is really talking to but she called me by name so I guess she thinks I am fat and pregnant with my 2nd or 3rd and not my 1st.

Gotta love family.....



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