August 31, 2009

I'd like to get off the ride please...

This weekend was quite the roller coaster. On Friday, I thought I'd bring up the conversation... the possibility, of maybe waiting for one more year, when the baby would be due after Mr. Brainy Bud graduates and I'm not having to take a furlough day every month. He COMPLETELY shifted into low gear and gave me the most disappointed face I think I've ever seen! Worse than a puppy dog looking sad after doing something bad. It was like ripping a new hole in my heart! Of course, I have the greatest husband ever because he said he'd wait forever if that is what it took, but he is ready now.

So Saturday came and went with much contemplation in my own heart and then came SUNDAY. Good ol' Sunday church that always makes me want to run out of the choir loft, down stairs and crawl into a ball and cry like a baby. Again, God decided to let me know that this is HIS plan and not mine and I need to quit worrying about everything else.

So today, before my $1.00 coupon run out, we took a trip to the store and purchased these.

Image Source

It was kindof exhilarating knowing that we are T minus 20 days before TTC. Scary too! Until next time...

Faith, Love, and Baby Flutters
Mrs. Brainy Bud



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