August 31, 2009

When will my body be back to normal?

So I know it has not been a month since the m/c but it seems as if its been for EVER!
At my follow up appointment the doctor said that I should resume to my normal cycle immediately with the next 28 days after the miscarriage but it can take up to 6 or 7 weeks for my period to return, especially since I had a "natural" m/c. Oh and lets not forget the part that he said that I am still fertile since ovulation can occur 14 days after a m/c. Great, its bad enough that we just loss our baby, my body is going through tons of changes and now I can get pregnant when I'm trying not too. That's just awesome (being very sarcastic).
This pass week my hormones were all out of place... I have been an emotional wreak and have broken out in pimples as if I just entered puberty in High School. Its crazy how our bodies change with in a matter of a few days. The reason behind the hormonal in balance is because our bodies are charging up with all of its hormonal might to carry a baby and then, suddenly it no longer needs to continue with that effort when the m/c occurs.
Here is a great chart that I found that shows the blood flow when you are going through a m/c:
This is such a great demonstration and to the T from my personal experience. The bleeding was extremely heavy on Wednesday and by Thursday afternoon I was just spotting.

Well 14 more days until it makes a month and I'm hoping that AF shows up, I will continue to chart and hope that she does not take up to 7 weeks to show up.
How odd... All throughout our lives we are not so thrilled when AF shows up but now for the first time in my life I'm hoping she shows up, Soon! I think I will be jumping for joy when I see her.


Rose Bud said...

I feel ya. It took 6 weeks for AF to return after m/c. It has been approximately 50 days since she last showed herself and I am just waiting so we can start ttc again. Good luck to you and I'm so sorry for your loss.

Flora Bud said...

ugh, 50 days!??!? wow. I Wish you the best as well.


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