August 22, 2009

Going Crazy/ 2WW

The 2ww is killing me! Well, I guess I can’t even call it the 2ww since I’m not charting this cycle, so I don’t even really know when I ovulated. I have, however, been watching my CM. If I go by that I’m either late already or I have about a week to go still. My plan right now is to wait it out the week before testing. I really don’t want to waste money on tests if I don’t need to.
In the meantime, I’ve been checking out double strollers. If we get our BFP in the next couple months, little Daisy Bud #1 will be under the age of 2. I know I could probably get by without a double stroller, but then I would probably not be able to leave the house ever again. Mr. Daisy Bud would probably kill me if he saw the prices of the ones I'm looking at. I love the Bob doubles and the Phil and Teds.



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