August 21, 2009

Daisy Bud's First Post

Hi, I'm Daisy Bud. Mr. Daisy Bud and I have been married for almost three years now. We had our first little daisy bud last July. Now that he is one, we would like to have another little bud.

TTC the second time around is so much different than the first time. The first time around the only thing I cared about was getting pregnant. It didn’t matter what month I would be due in. It didn’t really matter how it would affect anything else in our lives. Every month that dragged by got more and more difficult seeing friends, co-workers, even complete strangers pregnant. I read pretty much everything I could about getting pregnant.

The 2nd time around is so much different. I’m much more relaxed about the whole process in some ways, but in others I’m much more stressed. While I no longer have to time to read up on everything and obsess over every potential symptom, I worry about so many other things. Is this the best time to have another baby? How will this affect our little boy? In this economy can we afford another child? Can we truly handle having two kids? What if it ended up being more than one baby? Will this be my last pregnancy or will we still want another kid or two? I know I need to step back and just let things happen. There is only so much in life that I actually have control of. Right now, I need to be the best parent I can be for my sweet little boy. Everything else will happen on its own time.



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