October 1, 2012

Second Round of Blood Work

Today I had my second round of blood work to check my Progesterone levels to see if I could stay off the shots. Well, sadly no I get to go back to shots for the remainder of the time. My Progesterone dropped from 94 the prior week to 6. So after scrambling calling two seperate pharmacies I was able to get an old prescription filled from last time at a pharmacy down the road and my current prescription will arrive on Wednesday. One thing I didn't realize was the old prescription was 50mg/ml and the new one is 100 mg/ml which means I would need to take 2 cc's of the old one to match the new prescription. So I got to have a shot twice in one day!! Next time I will study those labels better!!! Great news though my HCG level is at 3,100!!! So that is great and I am excited to see what the ultrasound shows next week.


Mrs. Lydon said...

YAY for great HCG numbers!!! I will be keeping you in t&p

Diva Bud said...

This is FANTASTIC news!!!!! I can't wait to hear your next update... Continuing to send positive vibes your way! :)

Bossy Bud said...

Shots are no fun at all! My behind looked like a pin cushion after our FET. I know how you feel!
Excited that your HCG numbers are rising!!!


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