October 3, 2012

26 week update!

First, I'd like to send Explorer Bud a BIG congratulations!!!  I'm so happy for you, sweets!  XOXO

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to update.  I'm exhausted when I get home every evening, and house/nursery projects have consumed our lives on the weekends.  I took my glucose test this past week and everything came back fine.  I'll return in 2 weeks for a growth scan, and my mom will be joining me.  I'm so excited that she'll be able to see her next grandchild on the big screen. :) 

How far along: 26 weeks and 5 days!

Total weight change:
Between 10-13 pounds.  I'm still unsure due to my IVF medication causing me to gain some weight.

Maternity clothes:
I mostly wear maternity clothes, but I can still fit into some pre-pregnancy pants with my bella band.  My stomach is starting to look like a nice round ball, and Mr. Bossy Bud told me that other night that my belly button is looking a little shallow.

Stretch Marks:
I haven't noticed any.  Now, that's not to say I didn't already have some from before!

Baby Bossy Bud moves around a lot; especially while I'm trying to go to sleep!  He's more active in the evenings.

Sleeping well!  I'm usually in bed by 9:00 pm every night.  I thought I was suppose to have more energy in the 2nd trimester!!??

Best Moment This Past Week: Working on his nursery!  Mr. Bossy Bud, my mom, and several friends have all had their part in helping with his room.  Stripes have been painted on the wall and the furniture is being refinished as we speak.  I'm so ready to see the finished product!

Most Difficult Moment This Past Week: My stomach was hurting quite a bit yesterday at work.  We had a teacher planning day, so the entire day was spent with my team.  Gas has been a constant for me lately, and I was holding it in while we planned.  I felt fine while I sat, but there was a painful pressure when I stood.  It hurt to even walk.  I told myself it was just stretching and tried not to worry.  Well-  after we finished, I returned to my room and started to "relieve" some of the pressure.  I felt so much better!  I never knew I could hurt so much from being so gassy!  :)

Belly Button In or Out:
In!  I can't see it anymore, but it's still an innie.

No cravings.  I'm started to not want chicken.  I'm weird.  I know.

Symptoms: Indigestion.  It comes and goes, and I never know what is going to cause it.  It's NOT fun.

Until next time!

Bossy Bud


Diva Bud said...

Yup! That all sounds about right ;) Hang in there... Before you know it, you'll be 36 weeks and dying to get him out! ;)

Explorer Bud said...

That is awesome that things are going well, it will be fun to have your mom there for the growth scan!! Post pictures of the nursery when you are done!!


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