August 4, 2012

Where did my summer go?

Aaah!  I only have one more week until I must return to work.  I plan to work in my classroom on Monday since we're allowed to pick up our key a week early.  We always have meetings & trainings the first week back, so I'll be able to get a head start.  Plus-  my girlfriend has agreed to help me take all of my boxes down from the top of my cabinets.  I would normally do this, but I'm just not comfortable with it given my current situation. :)

Sprout is doing great.  I had another appointment this past Tuesday.  They weighed me (only gained 1 pound!), measured my stomach (18 cm), and we listened for the heart beat (140 bpm).  Everything looked great.  I was sent down to the lab for some bloodwork.  We're doing the testing for downs, spina bifida, etc.  My OB told me that it usually takes 3 days for them to receive the results, and she won't call me if everything looks good.  Mr. Bossy has been holding his breath, and I get a little nervous each time I come home to find a message on the answering machine. 

Only one more week and we'll know which color to paint the nursery!  I've been, step-by-step, cleaning out our spare bedroom this summer to help up prepare for the decorating that will soon begin. :)

Next time you hear from me, I'll be revealing our sweet baby's gender and name!!!!


Bossy Bud


Diva Bud said...

I'm in the same boat! This is my final FULL week of vacation before going "Back to School". Our first opt day is the 14th. I'll be 30 weeks when we welcome the kids back ;)

I CAN'T WAIT to find out what you are having, and what color you're going to paint the nursery ;) This is all the exciting stuff!! Heehee So happy for you!!!!!

Bossy Bud said...

Thanks, Diva! I spoke with my principal briefly this morning about maternity leave. I think we're going to have a "knock/down/drag out" over how many weeks I plan to take! We shall see.....

Oh- & I have been having CRAZY dreams about the sex. Every dream says it's a girl, but I dunno.... :)

Diva Bud said...

What do you mean by "knock/down/drag out" for your leave?

What did the Chinese Gender Chart say?? ;)

Bossy Bud said...

I mentioned to her that I might begin my leave over our Christmas Break (2 weeks that will NOT count against me). I figure since we're due January 4th. I probably shouldn't plan on returning to school on January 7th.
So far- I have about 8 weeks of sick/personal time saved. I would like to use most of it. I mentioned to her that I've been thinking about returning at the beginning of March. She asked if that was 6 weeks because there are "guidelines." Whatever. If I have the time saved, I can use. Heck- I could go unpaid if I wanted to. She and I just need to sit down once I decide for sure what I want to do. She can't say no, but she'll probably disapprove.

I haven't even glanced at the Chinese Gender Chart. This is our FET baby, so my eggs were fertilized "technically" in September. So- according to the chart, I'm having a girl.
But I if I go by implantation in April, I'm still having a girl!

Diva Bud said...

Ugh Principals can be such pains... Mine isn't giving me any problems, but I used to have one that was the Devil, and so weird about people taking time off (i.e. she made my life impossible because I had booked a two week honeymoon before I even got hired). Take it easy, and you'll see everything will work out! You are definitely entitled to take all your time, so do what is right for you and your family :)

Explorer Bud said...

How fun to find out the gender, can't wait to hear!!


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