August 6, 2012

Well, Hello 3rd Trimester :)

Moving right along, beginning the 3rd and Final "phase" of my Pregnancy... Here's the low-down on what I'm currently experiencing ;) 

How far along: 28 weeks 2 days! :)

Total weight change: Will see where we are currently at after tomorrow's OB appointment... Hopefully we're still on target :) As of last time, it was +18 

Maternity clothes: As I said last time, I don't own too much maternity clothes, but hardly any of my "regular" clothes fit anymore, so you can pretty much say I'm in "maternity" clothes. Dresses, leggings, stretch pants, etc... Comfy :) I have one pair of pre-pregnancy jeans that fit (they were HUGE on me, so they still work) and some tops that were loose which still fit and will help me get through the first weeks of the school year until the Baby is here :)

Stretch Marks: I'm turning into a Zebra "/ I don't mind completely, but I have to admit... at times, I feel unattractive. Have to start thinking about what I can do to take care of them... if anything at all. 

Movement: He is moving a lot lately! Sometimes I feel like I have a future World Cup player in there ;) It's a pretty awesome feeling. 

Sleep: Thankfully, I'm still on Summer break, so I am getting sleep... I hope to be able to stay rested when I go back to work next week... we'll see how that goes. It's going to be rough in this South Florida heat... "/

Best Moment This Past Week: A few good things have happened lately... (1) the Baby Shower invitations were put in the mail and went out today (2) our Stroller and Infant Carrier arrived (we got this AWESOME deal on the Britax B-Ready and Chaperone where the Infant Car Seat was FREE with the Purchase of the stroller, AND I got $100 off the stroller... so we saved a total of $329 on the travel system. This was a gift from my two sets of Grandparents. 

Most Difficult Moment This Past Week: The return of some not-so-fun symptoms. For the last week, I've been getting sick again and running to the bathroom to toss my cookies. It hasn't been fun "/ Also, realizing that Summer Vacation is almost over isn't cool... but I guess it had to end sometime. 

Belly Button In or Out: Still in, but definitely not as deep as before. It's getting more shallow each day... lol

Cravings/Aversions: McDonald's cheeseburgers... Yup. It's like a pregnancy obsession. I RARELY ever ate them before. So weird... 

Symptoms: The Heartburn has been coming and going, and hasn't been TOO bad... but the nausea is back, and not fun at all. I am trying to get ahold of it before going back to work... so we'll see how it goes. 

My Baby Shower is scheduled for September 1st, at 32 weeks. I am SUPER excited! We are having it at a very nice restaurant here in Miami, and are having a "Cirque du Bebe" Theme. It's going to be AMAZING and I am so excited. Now that the invitations have gone out... it's registry stalking time ;) something even Mr. DBud enjoys! I have already seen a few items be "fulfilled" off our list, so that's always fun to see :)

Anyway, will have an update after tomorrow's appointment... hopefully we'll start ironing out our Birth Plan and such :) Can you tell I'm excited? 

Until next time :)


Bossy Bud said...

The baby shower theme sounds amazing! Be sure to post some pics of the decor and such. :)

Your zebra comment made me laugh. I looked in the mirror the other day at all of the stretch marks I ALREADY have. May I join your zeal? Haha.

Lucky Bud said...

Yeah! So exciting. Moving right along and you are almost there!

Diva Bud said...

Bossy, I definitely will! A friend of mine is photographing it, so I will have photos to share :)

I had stretch marks to begin with... a few on the lower part of my belly... but NOW they are on both sides of my belly button, and I even have one ABOVE my belly button, almost branching out of it (a small one, but still, ONE!). Thankfully, I love Zebras ;) And I know once they stop "stretching", they'll almost fade, and won't be so bad.

Lucky, we are EXTREMELY excited!!! He'll be here before we know it :)


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