May 16, 2012

Results and Future Plans

Results came in last Tuesday and I'm not sure if I should be surprised, happy, sad, or relieved.
Count was 20 million.
Motility was 45%

The results were not as bad as what I had thought but still I felt a loss for words after receiving them. From what my RE's office told me a count of 20 million is the absolute lowest it should be in order to achieve pregnancy. I was also advised motility should be at least 50%. Mr BB's numbers could not of been that bad prior to his inguinal hernia surgery back in November. All 4 pregnancies prior to the surgery were achieved during the 1st month of trying. That is why I am 100% convinced it was the surgery that did this to him.

I told my RE that I wanted him to go see his regular doctor and possibly his surgeon to figure out what the hell they screwed up. I think it took him a couple of days for those numbers to sink in. So now, I wait for him to make an appointment with his doctor. Which by the way is like holding a candle in a hurricane.

Once he finally does get to see his doctor and if they tell him what they have done to him is not reversible, my plans are to go in for another consultation with my RE to discuss our options. I could NEVER EVER EVER afford IVF but I have heard about IUI. It's seems about the only promising thing at this we will see. 

In regards to my PCOS, I went this Monday for my follow-up blood work with my regular Endocrinologist (Not my RE). They posted the results today and here is what they look like:

FSH  2.7 mIU/mL
LH    7.4 mIU/mL
Plus a bunch of other stuff that isn't really fertility related. 

I was not provided with a guide for normal levels so I really have nothing to reference except for google search results. I pretty sure they should of tested it on CD3 but they didn't; I'm assuming b/c it is not an RE's office. Their results didn't say "Normal," but instead "High LH:FSH. I go back this upcoming Monday to go over the results with the Endo. 

I haven't temped in what seems like FOREVER and it feels kind of nice. I haven't been obsessing like I was there for about six months and it feels like such a load off my mind. Ya, I'm still terrified that I will never have a baby, most importantly Mr. BB's baby, but this time to rest has been welcoming (after I got thru the first few days of withdrawals of course).

I'm off to Florida at the end of May and I am stoked. My girlfriend and I are flying into Tampa and staying there for a few days. Then headed to our usual spot in Clearwater. From there we are hanging out near St.Pete and stopping at some different cities on the way to our Beachfront hotel in Ft.Myers. Parasailing is on the agenda and I couldn't be more excited. All I will focus on while I'm there is my toes in the sand, the sunshine on my face, and laughin at old geezers in purple banana hammocks.

Until next time....................

-Buckeye Bud


Diva Bud said...

Getting answers is always very good!!!! Just don't stress... An IUI is a great option, and it does NOT mean you will never have a baby. I know someone who was in a similar situation who's son is nearing his 2nd Birthday. :) just take some time to relax and enjoy life!!!


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