May 14, 2012

16w2d and GENDER!!!!!

I know I've been MIA, but between wrapping up the Opera Season, End of Year School Activities, and other things, I have been a bit nothing short of overwhelmed... Anyway, I have some MAJOR updates :)

Since things are crazy lately, I thought I'd adopt an "update" template from a former blogger, Cactus Bud, in order to keep you in the loop, and not forget any details ;) Here we go...

How far along: 16 weeks, 2 days!!

Total weight change: +6 total, based on Doctor's office scale. We have no scale at home...

Maternity clothes: The only thing "maternity" I have purchased has been a belly band, which I use with most of my jeans... I have one pair of jeans left that fit comfortably, because they were huge on me pre-pregnancy... but ALL others are either too tight or don't close at all. I feel most comfortable in leggings, stretchy pants and dresses. 

Stretch Marks: Yes, unfortunately :( I had some pre-pregnancy on my very low belly (apparently I am susceptible to them, cause I have them on my breasts as well). But, a few weeks ago, I noticed 2 little lines to the right of my belly button. Since to the left I had a couple of veins, I wrote them off as veins as well... but turns out they are NOT veins :-/ Gotta get something to put on them ASAP. 

Movement: Last week, I was taking a nap on the couch... I don't know if it was my imagination or what, but I felt some weird movement really low. Haven't felt it again since, so we'll see :)

Sleep: Still sleeping well... but I blame that on the fact that I have been EXTREMELY busy, and therefore EXTREMELY exhausted. 

Best Moment This Past Week: Finding out the sex of the baby, Mother's Day, and continuing to receive gifts for our LO :)

Most Difficult Moment This Past Week: On Thursday, I sort of slipped and went to a knee (didn't completely fall on the floor or anything) but that had me a bit concerned. Luckily, nothing happened :)

Belly Button In or Out: In. I bought a maternity belly ring, but it's been a bit irritated even since before, so sometimes I wear it, and sometimes I don't... I have been putting vinegar and water with salt on it. Hopefully it gets better soon!

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing major... just can't eat too much without getting sick :-/

Symptoms: Occasionally tired, but I blame that on things being so hectic... MS has died down a bit, so I am hoping it is gone for good. Boobs and nipples are sore from time to time, but nothing too major :)

Now, for the good stuff....

On Saturday, Mr. DBud and I decided to have an elective US for Gender. We went to this awesome place in Doral called The Bonding Site, which was amazing! If you are in the South Florida area, I HIGHLY recommend it :) :) :)

Anyway, we were able to find out that our LO is a.....

We are BEYOND thrilled!!! Now, we have to officially decide on a name, and start getting things really ready :) I purchased a Stuffed Bear that has the baby's heartbeat recorded on a battery operated pack, so that when you squeeze it, you hear the heartbeat... ADORABLE!!! When HE is born, we will order the sweater with the babies info for it :) Here is the website for the Teddy Bear :)

Until next time!!!!! <3 <3 <3


Me said...

Yay for a little boy! Congrats, Mama. I hope you enjoyed Mothers Day!

Cactus Bud

Lucky Bud said...

A boy! I am so excited for you!!!

Diva Bud said...

Thanks, Ladies :) We are very excited!!!! All along I felt it was a girl... but BOY was I wrong ;) We have a chance to verify on the 30th, BUT judging from the photo we already have... I don't think there will be a change!!! LOL

Lucky Bud said...

I think that when they determine that it is a boy, it is usually pretty safe to plan on a boy. It is the other way around when it is not so sure. My youngest brother was thought to be a girl until he was born! They were not 100% sure at the ultrasound that our baby is a girl, but I painted the room purple anyways! It will be a big shocker if she ends up being a boy, but we of course we will be ecstatic either way.

Bossy Bud said...

I'm going to be completely honest. I totally skipped down to the bottom to find out what Lil' Diva Bud is! I couldn't wait any longer. Then I went back and read the entire blog. :) SO excited for you.


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