May 27, 2012

38 Weeks 3 Days

This week has been great! It has probably been one of the best weeks of my pregnancy. I haven't thrown up  even once which never happens and I have tons of energy. I have gotten all the things I wanted to done and am just enjoying the time I have before the baby is born to get a few extra things done and to play with the kids.

I had my midwife apt and that was fine. The babies heartbeat is gradually getting slower, but the midwife said that that is normal. I did my strep test culture and that was about it.

We met with our embryo donors last weekend. It was a great visit. We met in Philadelphia at a mall that had a play area and a carousel. After the kids played we had dinner at a California Pizza and then headed back to Maryland. They are very friendly people and have a great family and we feel lucky to have them as part of our growing extended family.

I finished up that crib bumper that I had put away after getting frustrated with it. I know you are not supposed to use crib bumpers with babies, and I just made it for later. The pictures kind of turned out bad, but it gives you an idea.

38 Weeks(0 days) Pregnant
Here is a view of the crib bump

Here is the finished puff quilt and the crib bumper


Diva Bud said...

This is great! You look so cute, and hardly look 38 weeks!!! Your little belly is adorable :) Hopefully these last couple of weeks continue to go as smoothly as the last days did!


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