April 6, 2012

To Acupuncture or Not & Hormone Update

So it has been a little more than two months since starting RHT and I am feeling good. My emotions have leveled off and my energy levels are up and I am sleeping well. All that is great news for me and I have started back to eating Paleo again to help my hormones stay at the levels they need to be at and keep my PCOS and Hypothyroid symptoms at bay thus increasing my chances of a successful IVF.

I am debating adding in Acupuncture because I am thinking that if it IVF doesn't work this next round I won't know if it was the acupuncture that wasn't helpful or the Hormones. If it does work I would have the same issue that I wouldn't know which was the helpful one. The other side of that logic is that if it doesn't work with Acupuncture and Hormones than neither were effective and I wouldn't do either again if we continued with IVF or if it does work who cares what the contributing factor was. My only thoughts about that is if it did work and then we wanted to do IVF again I would feel like I would need to do both again and if the Hormones and eating Paleo was what did it then I would save about $6,000. What are your ladies thoughts, experiences, etc??



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