April 5, 2012

10w5d... And counting :)

Well, here I am. 10w5d, and so far do good! Honestly, I couldn't be happier and I still can't believe we've made it this far! :)

With the exception of a few symptoms, I actually feel okay... I have been experiencing extreme fatigue, which is not a total deal breaker, but is proving to be a bit bothersome at times. Don't get me wrong... I rather be exhausted than be constantly praying to the porcelain gods, but I just don't feel very efficient lately. For example, last night, I was so tired that I was actually dizzy. I was even dizzy during one of my late night/early morning bathroom runs. Again, not a major symptom to complain about, just something to note.

As I mentioned... I've been running to the bathroom a bit more. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to, especially in the middle of the night when I need my sleep, but still nothing to majorly complain about.

Another symptom I've been experiencing is edema. My ankles have been swelling, usually by the end a long day (i.e. teaching all day, my private lesson and an opera rehearsal). I try to elevate them at bed time, and it helps a bit. I have also had a little swelling in my hands. I know that part of it is not getting enough water, which is a habit I must get into a bit more :-/ it's just a bit hard for me, cause I like my water really cold, and it's hard to carry around a bottle all day and keep it that way. Still, I will find a way :)

My boobies are still sore, and kind of humongous. I can't really press anything like my iPad or books against my chest without remembering that they are sore... But again, another symptom that is more than manageable.

All in all, I really can't complain. I feel so blessed to have made it this far, that nothing could get me down! I am that much closer to putting the 1st trimester behind me, which will be a relief (anyone who has ever had an early loss knows what I mean). I look forward to the days when I won't be afraid to look at the paper after I use the restroom and wipe, and I won't freak over tiny cramps or pulls. Those days are coming soon :) I can see them over the horizon.

Other than that, I am anxious to see our little Frijol again... In less than two weeks we will have our 1st of 2 integrated screening appointments at exactly 12w4d :)

Hope to have more updates soon! Until next time!

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Me said...

I totally know what you mean about being psyched to kiss 1st Tri goodbye.

And I never stopped looking at the TP. I think its awesome that you posted about that...I never remembered to.

~Cactus Bud

Sarcastic Bud said...

Yes! 12 weeks is one of the best feelings ever - especially when you have had a loss. But just remember, after you see the heartbeat, that risk goes down significantly.

I'm with Cactus - I still continue to look at the toilet paper - that def never goes away! But you will start to feel more at ease.

Just remember that if you ever do have questions about a weird symptom you are having (which is most likely just being pregnant, because pregnancy is WEIRD), call your doctor and ask. Its so much better than just obsessing over it. Its what they get paid to do and I'm sure there are many, many other patients that are calling more than you (thats what I tell myself anyways) :)

Explorer Bud said...

I am soo excited that you are almost through your 1st Trimester, what a huge relief that will be!!


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