April 16, 2012

Starting of a Triphasic Pattern??

Lets hope so!! I actually got excited this morning when I started reading about temperature rises 7DPO. I read that this could be a good sign. It does however seem to be a bit early but maybe it's possible to get early implantation. I also didnt really have a clear temp drop so I'm not sure if that has to occur in a triphasic or not.

I reviewed all of my previous months (Nov '11-March '12) temperatures on 7DPO and I have never gotten such a large spike on this day. They all seemed to be going down at this point in my cycle. I did wake up kind of sweaty this morning so I guess it is possible to contribute that toward the temp spike. But I didnt sleep with any extra blankets or clothing that I usually do. No need to speculate I guess.

I need some opinions or personal accounts with this type of triphasic pattern!


Diva Bud said...

It actually looks pretty good!

In my personal experience, I had slight implantation spotting at 10dpo, as per FF, but when we had our gestational dating U/S, I may have been only 8dpo, since it seems I may have ovulated 2 days later than what FF marked on my chart. Also, my temp did see a spike at 7dpo as per FF, which may have been 5dpo...

Regardless, every cycle and every woman is different. What you are seeing may be a good sign, especially if it's different than what you've seen in past months.

Good luck, and baby dust!!!!!


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