April 16, 2012

Needles, Needles and More Needles

Our first appointment with the first Acupuncturist was interesting to say the least. We walked into a little old home and it was made into a make-shift office. The couple work together but it is the wife that is the trained Acupuncturist and has been for over 40 years. She was trained in China and has a lot of recognition's from all over for healing people in comas, fertility issues and other health problems. She is quite old and has these gigantic glasses and she has half her teeth and neither of their English is amazing. We were sat down and told that it would be $60 for the consultation and $60 for the treatment. It came out to $240 for that day, yeah a bit of an ouch factor that is for sure!! We filled out all this paperwork on our problems, aches and pains on our bodies and what our goal for Acupuncture was. Then they took our blood pressure and mine is low at 108/26 I think? Don't quote me on that one and my pule was normal. Mr. Explorer Bud's blood pressure was high but his pulse was fine. They then looked at our tongues and eyes to determine what organs were out of wack or Chi. My liver, heart, spleen, kidney, and bladder were all off and she explained that when your organs are not working properly that the rest of your body cannot work properly and that is the cause of many different symptoms. Then her husband I guess figured we didn't get what she was saying and repeated it all to us. We then were sent over to the treatment room. The couple is pretty funny as they are like most old couples that constantly are telling each other what to do but in Chinese so it sounds like they are arguing the whole time. They put a needle in my right arm by my wrist, three needles down my abdomen, one in my calf and another in my ankle. Then they put a heat lamp over my abdomen and every 10 minutes would come in and wiggle my needles to make sure I felt them. The interesting part was the one in my arm was really sensitive and bugged me the whole time and the lower abdomen one also. The others I didn't really feel until he wiggled them. Mr. Explorer Bud go the same arrangement as I but he wasn't bothered by any of them and made a lovely video of him flexing the needle in his arm, such a man!! The Acupuncturist recommends that we come on a daily basis for 12 days so that we will see the results fastest and then do maintenance after, probably 1x week. We after the appointment I started getting a dull headache and my left side of my stomach started getting crampy. I am reaching the end of my BC pack and starting on Progesterone so I will start AF soon, maybe it is my body getting prepared to do its stuff. Mr. Explorer Bud feels like Acupuncture is more of a Placebo effect but who knows. I will keep you posted on symptoms and such.


Buckeye Bud said...

I felt the same way Mr. EB felt too until I had my 2 sessions and then began bleeding from my tubal pregnancy. It was all just pretty ironic. I really pray that this works for you guys! I would really consider going back if I didnt already have a crap ton of medical bills already :/
Keep us updated EB!


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